We Support Fair Trade

fairtradeorg.pngAt Holy City Skin Products, we strive to support artisans by buying their goods and providing their beautiful designs to you. We carry authentic Fair Trade products that are ethically sourced and are 100% handmade. Many of our Fair Trade items are handcrafted by artisans in Uganda and Bangladesh, so each item is unique from the next as they are lovingly created by hand.

The baskets we select combine the treasured skill of basket weaving with clean, beautiful designs that add a global touch to any home. The leaves and grasses used to create each item are ethically sourced with a focus on a sustainable producer relationship. Each basket makes a wonderful gift basket that can be reused and treasured for years to come.

We choose products from several different groups that work with artisans around the world. NAWOU, the National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda, works with over 80 women’s groups to provide health care, social welfare, and education programs along with running a handicraft program. Uganda Crafts 2000 Ltd. is another supplier that provides training and marketing for artisans and employment for those with physical disabilities. Rishilpi Handicrafts Limited helps to provide work for women that are from rural villages. Dhaka Handicrafts strives to enhance the skills for artisans in rural Bangladesh and promotes their products. Each of these organizations helps to ensure that the artisans are all paid a fair wage and receive education, training, and support. These are just a few of the Fair Trade partners that work to help communities develop and thrive, breaking the cycle of poverty.